Greyton Lodge

Greyton, South Africa
Completed 2013   |   Scale 2000 sq. m

A luxurious boutique hotel with a non traditional
and timeless African style.

The brief called for a historic, 120 year old Cape Dutch guest lodge to be converted into a luxurious boutique hotel. The result was a refreshed, rejuvenated and totally iconic experience in one of the most majestic locations in South Africa, the foothills of the Sonderend Mountains, translating into ‘the mountains with no end.’

The design of the lodge was influenced by its location and blends old world charm with modern elements to create a relaxing atmosphere. The space was designed in such a way as to evoke a sense of nostalgia when visiting Greyton Lodge. One has to feel as if you are stepping into something familiar, a memory of a distant event or experience.

Attention to detail and personalized design was of the utmost importance and the project resulted in what can only be described as South African Chic.

The historic architecture is complimented by the use of traditional features in contemporary ways, giving the interior a timeless character. Eclectic selections of artwork and objet speak of modern collections while displayed in a curated manner.


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