Hillsong SA

South Africa
Current   |   Scale + 5000 sq. m

Public and private spaces that gives a
welcoming atmosphere.

After being approached and commissioned by Hillsong Church South Africa to come up with a design aesthetic for all their campuses across the country the out-rolling and conceptualising began . The brief was to give all campuses a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere where people can come and feel at home while still contributing to the global Hillsong Identity. The overall concept created was an organic industrial look and feel with textures like raw timbers, concrete, steel and feature wall applications mixed with sleek elements like glass, polished stainless steel and metallic colours as focal points.

Custom furniture was used in the design and manufactured to fit perfectly within the various interiors.

Multi purpose used spaces required clever thinking and creative design solutions – so that a space can be transformed from one use to the next in a few minutes.


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