Bar Keeper

Cape Town CBD, South Africa
Completed 2017   |   Scale 330 sq. m

A brand new design approach that is
taking the industry by storm.

With innovative offerings, brilliant products and a unique design that is set to inspire visitors from all walks of life, these historic grounds have been transformed into a modern space for locals and tourists to get a true taste of the Mother City.

The design aims to create a nostalgic feeling when entering the space by incorporating old with new. The structure of the building was left untouched and all measures were taken to restore the exterior facade to its former glory, a 150 year old building with its heritage deeply rooted. Solid timber doors, hand baked bricks and detailing reminds one of the rich history the building has while modern and contemporary design elements propel it into modern splendour.

Contrast is evident throughout the space in the use of colour, textures and materials. Raw against polished, light versus shadows and natural seen with man made, all working harmoniously together to create a one of a kind space. A series of black, laser cut metal screens create subliminal artistic patterns as light illuminates the features and shadows appear to dance as the daylight turns.

Bar keeper boasts a walk-in wine cellar with exquisite detailing, custom designed elements as well as iconic shelving metallic colours and surfaces play a vital role in setting the mood within the space and give a pop of colour in the monochrome environment. Solid woods in various finishes remind one of surfaces found in distilleries while leather and steel also adds to the industrial atmosphere of the industry.


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