56 Keerom Street Chambers

Cape Town CBD, South Africa
Completed 2016   |   Scale 250 sq. m

Sophisticated public spaces for a heritage building
serving the Cape Town High Courts.

Set within a beautiful heritage building right on the buzzing streets of Cape Town, one will find a unexpected glimpse of style and luxury.

When commissioned to design the street level lobby of this beautiful building, the aim was merging old world charm with a modern and sustainable future. The brief was to give the foyer a breath of fresh air, yet still taking into consideration the heritage and stature the environment holds.

A sophisticated colour palette of monochromatic colours with accents of brass is merged with raw wood, polished smoked mirrors and raw steel to give the space a sense of establishment and luxury.

The bathrooms in the building features a similar scheme but has its own identity through the use of marble, brass mirrors and luxury fittings and finishes. Overall a timeless design is created and a welcoming mood is set for all visitors.


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