House BR

Constantia, South Africa
Completed 2021   |   Scale 600 sq. m

Bespoke luxury, merging natural elements in a modern

and sophisticated setting.

The interior boasts a calm, neutral base, while colour is introduced into each space through unique ways and objects. The home’s living spaces leads onto a beautiful garden and outdoor patio space, truly maximizing the outdoor and indoor connection.

Boasting a selection of Hendre Bloem Furniture pieces, the home is given a personalized and bespoke atmosphere while iconic pieces grounds the scheme.

Artwork selections by various local artists becomes focal points within the interior spaces, while custom, mirror sculptural wall art plays a strategic role in bringing interest to what would have been a dead space.

Luxurious textiles and sumptuous rugs softens the spaces while sleek finishes like marble, stone, steel and metals lends itself to a modern aesthetic. Strategically positioned lighting enhances the mood in each room – be it pendant, table or floor lamps – and serves both a practical and aesthetic function.


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