House WS

Woodstock, South Africa
Completed 2018   |   Scale 165 sq. m

An unassuming row house with an
iconic interior design.

It was decided early on in the design phase not to take away from the architectural heritage and existing character of the house. By contrasting this against contemporary elements while exposing the existing structure and raw elements of the house, makes the space truly come alive.

Two solid ‘dark bands’ were inserted on the length of the house, containing all the service-, functional- and movement spaces. The leftover ‘in-between’ open space becomes the event space where one truly lives and interacts.

This design philosophy enlarges ones’ perception of the space where the edges of the house ‘disappear’ into darkness, leaving the open space in between free of any elements, space for the owner to create and live in.

A space where old meets new.


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