House LT

Sea Point, South Africa
Completed 2018   |   Scale 150 sq. m

A bachelors-pad epitomizing

style and sophistication.

Perched up against the iconic Signal Hill along the Atlantic Seaboard of Cape Town, one will find this sleek and sophisticated penthouse apartment.

The space called for the design of a unique “bachelor-style-pad” but with a twist. The overall monochrome and moody colour scheme contrasts the exterior daytime views as well as the typical ocean-style dwelling. The concept was in fact inspired by the night-time view the penthouse has – seeing the city, harbour and marine vessels at night with their glistering golden lights and silhouette outlines.

Iconic furniture, lighting and bespoke joinery all blend harmoniously to create a uniform look. Reflective materials are used as focal pieces, artwork and design details but also mirror the opposite views to make the space come alive in a different sense.

A balance and combination of local and imported products means that the space represents the best of both worlds and in a way portrays the multi-cultural and mixture of people and nationalities found in Cape Town.

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