House PK I

Cape Town, South Africa
Completed 2016   |   Scale 550 sq. m

Timeless elegance combined with
contemporary touches.

Spread out over three levels this luxurious beach home is inspired by the surrounding oceanic elements.

Open plan  living areas, double and triple volume spaces emphasises the gravitas and stature of the structure, highlighting the sense of scale.  Practical yet stylish finishes like off shutter concrete, steel, timber and metals all merge the design harmoniously to bring the beach textures into the house itself in subliminal ways.

Custom furniture and specially commissioned artwork give the house its signature flair, telling a story about the lifestyle the owners live and making each detail personal and close to home.

Neutral tones throughout the house gives a sense of tranquility while the tones of blue, turquoise and green again highlights the ocean and nature outside.


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