Hendre Bloem

Pioneered in 2012, the Cape Town based studio was a culmination of his great passion for – and understanding of, all things interior design. He aims to set new standards in the world of interior design with a distinctive and personal style that epitomises modern luxury.

Professional Interior Designer, Stylist and Consultant.

By keeping abreast of local and international trends, he is able to spot new and innovative ideas easily and translate them into a thoroughly considered space. As a result of his forward-thinking nature, he is able to execute a look that is contemporary, yet timeless.

The goal is to craft bespoke concepts – where relationship between designer and client is of utmost importance and the results are beautiful, unique interiors and brand new friendships.

Hendre Bloem Interior Design has quickly established itself as a frontrunner in both local and international markets. The design studio prides itself on personalised client solutions, dedicated individual attention throughout projects and one-on-one service.

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